August 27, 2020 / / News

Want to make history by being a part of the first “Great Frederick Scavenger Hunt” (9/5 – 12/20) – a city-wide, multi-day, socially-distanced entertainment experience brought to you by Celebrate Frederick, The City of Frederick, and Surelocked In Escape Games? All interested businesses should contact Chris Sparks at to become a part of the game!

What is this event?
  • A socially-distanced, safe way for families and folks to celebrate Frederick City in the absence of traditions like In The Streets and The Great Frederick Fair
  • A partnership between Celebrate Frederick, The City of Frederick, and Surelocked In Escape Games
  • A free game that allows all registered players to test their wits and compete for prizes as they scour the City to its limits

What we need from you:

  • No money – this is a free event for all participating businesses/organizations
  • A time to visit your establishment to craft a unique clue for players to solve (that they can’t Google)
  • Your help promoting this event on social media
  • The donation of a unique prize (no more that $20 in value) that will inspire the winner(s) to return to your business after the game concludes
  • For you to continue to operate as normal during the week of the game (so people can come to you)
What will happen next:
  1. You reach out to Chris Sparks ( with your availability for a 5 minute site visit between 8/28 and 9/4 and the answer to this question: “given that all COVID safety measures are being observed, are you comfortable with players entering your business for the game?”
  2. Standby to receive confirmation of the visit
  3. Greet a Surelocked In Game Master at the time of the visit onsite
  4. Spread the word on social media about the event (