Project Restore from State of Maryland

September 9, 2021 / / News

The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development is administering $25 million to provide financial support to Maryland’s new or expanding businesses to help incentivize commercial investment in vacant retail and commercial properties. ​​

Project Restore will provide two grant opportunities for businesses that plan on opening or expanding into previously vacant spaces:

Rental Assistance Grant: The maximum grant request amount is $30,000 for rent for one year (rental payment up to $2,500 per month) for qualified small business with 50 or fewer employees (full time equivalents). Applicant’s monthly rent can exceed $2,500, but the maximum that will be paid by the Rental Assistance Grant will be $2,500 per month for one year.

Business Operations Grant: The maximum grant award amount is $250,000 for one or two years for businesses that generate sales and use tax. Grant funds can be used for activities and costs related to sustaining and growing the business such as staff costs, capital improvements, marketing, inventory and supplies, utilities and the like and cannot be used for executive salaries or bonuses. Grant awards will be paid quarterly and will be based on sales and use tax generated by and submitted to the state in Calendar Year 2022.


​​To be eligible to apply for either a Rental Assistance Grant and/or a Business Assistance Grant, a business must meet all of the following criteria: ​​

  • May be a new or existing business, but business must be located in Maryland
  • Business must be registered and in good standing with the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT).
  • Business must open or expand in a retail or commercial space that has been vacant at least 6 months prior to the date they submit their application.
  • Financially viable business whose operations will continue forward

For more information or to apply please go to Project Restore (

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Golden Mile Alliance NEEDS YOU!

August 18, 2021 / / News

The Golden Mile Alliance has a “GOLDEN” opportunity for businesses and residents of the Golden Mile!


The best way for a community to thrive is for its business owners and residents to get involved.  Be that instrument of change!

You! are critical to the Golden Mile Alliance.  The GMA depends on its Board Members and Volunteers who are passionate about the Golden Mile.  Your time and talent are valuable to us, and more importantly, valuable to your neighborhood and the City of Frederick

If you are interested in Board Membership or Volunteering at a GMA event or on a GMA Committee, please contact the GMA Vice-President Shantay DeMar For more information, please check our website at


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Golden Mile 5K Virtual Run/Walk – June 11 – 20

April 13, 2021 / / News

The Golden Mile Alliance is holding its first 5K Virtual Run!

Run, walk, skip, jump for a cause in your own neighborhood, in your favorite park, or on your local trails, all in the name of getting out to move and to help drive the Golden Mile area to be a welcoming, economically strong, and desirable commercial and residential community!

Are you up for the challenge? Running not your thing? No problem! Can’t get outside? That’s ok! It’s a 5K YOUR WAY! You can walk, run, cycle, hop, do alone or with family and friends…however you choose to do your 5k is up to you!

Between June 11-20, on the day of your choosing, grab your friends and family and get outdoors for a socially distant activity benefiting the non-profit organization The Golden Mile Alliance.

The link to register is:

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March 26, 2021 / / News

Golden Mile Alliance Announces A Virtual Easter Coloring Contest

GMA’s Virtual Easter Egg Contest officially kicks off on March 29, 2021. All entries must be scanned and emailed back to by midnight on April 5, 2021. A winner from each age group will be selected and contacted by April 8.

Age Categories: 4-6 years old,  7-9 years old, and 10-12 years old.

Download pictures for appropriate age contestant:

Age 4 – 6 Click HERE









Age 7 – 9 Click HERE










Age 10 -12 Click HERE








Let’s show everyone your artistic talent!

We hope to spread positivity and enjoyment with this contest and continue the tradition of Easter despite the current state of the world right now. We look forward to seeing all of the beautifully colored Easter pictures and encourage families to decorate hard boiled eggs with your families at home.

For some family fund and easy egg decorating ideas visit or

Winners will be notified via email on how to pick up your prize. For more information, please call 240-600-1925 or send email to

Happy Easter!